About Kelly

KellyLathrop_portraits-2-webWelcome, I’m Kelly and I am so glad you are here! As a wife and a mother of 3 (7 year old boy/girl twins and a daughter who is 12) I know how busy life can become and how easy it can be to go through life’s events without much thought. I have used my own life events as an opportunity to share my passion and my love for design and details with others. I hope I can inspire you to take time to notice the details and assist you in creating those details in your own home or with an event.

Life is full of events! Birthdays, weddings, showers, holidays or just a special dinner party with close friends. Trust me, coming from a large immediate family of 6 siblings (all married with children) I have celebrated a lot of life’s events. I love the details in these events! Those details fill my heart with joy. Well thought out, organized and detailed events bring joy to all those involved guests and host’s alike. My hope is that through my website, blog and business I can spread that joy!

What is all this details, details, details talk? Imagine thoughtful invitations, fresh flowers, a well set table, soft lighting and pretty place settings. It’s the little things all added up that make all the difference. Taking the time to focus on the little details can change your home, your event and your perspective making each of life’s events more meaningful.

Stick around and let your imagination run wild!