Mixing Patterns, Prints and Color

Looking to update your home decor for the season?

Do you have a room that has been unchanged for a long, long time?

Seeking to spice your home up a bit but unsure how?

Adding, changing or mixing patterns, prints and color can provide a fresh start to a tired room. Patterns, prints and color used correctly is one of the best ways to express yourself in your home. Finding the correct combination that suits your home, your life style and your personality can be tricky but it is also what will set your home apart.

First and foremost, I do not believe there are set rules with regards to decorating. Bringing personality and comfort to a home is all about breaking the rules. I do believe following a few guidelines can help the process feel less intimidating and will create confidence. Confidence will provide you the courage to begin to experiment and take chances with your home design; creating your perfect space.

Decorating with patterns, prints and color can be intimidating! The possibilities of patterns and prints are endless. The available color choices are even greater. The wide variety can be overwhelming; creating question and doubt when making a selection for your home. Where do I Start? Where in decorating should patterns, prints and color be used? Can patterns and prints be mixed? What patterns work well together and which do not?  

Get started, choose a color pallet that fits you, your taste and your lifestyle.  Think about the design “look” you want to accomplish. Does the classic and comfortable feel of a Traditional home decor appeal to you? Or do you enjoy the clean lines of a Modern decor? Possibly you are in between and enjoy an Eclectic style? Find your style and build your color around it. Stay within the same color tone and intensity. Use your color pallet throughout your home. Color does not have to become overwhelming and brown does not have to be boring!

Pattern Prints and Color 3

Patterns, prints and color can be used throughout your home. The safest way to use them is in areas that can be easily changed. Throws, pillows, rugs, lamps, window treatments, accent furniture and other accessories. Using them in areas that can be easily changed gives you the freedom to change them with the season and the ability to easily swap them out to incorporate the newest trends. Because accessories are not permanent, they provide the freedom to take a risk with your home decor.

Pattern Prints and Color 1

Mix it up! Yes, patterns and prints can absolutely be mixed and I encourage my clients to do just that. Start with your largest pattern and build from there. Incorporate a solid or a neutral such as black or white to ground the space and to give the eye a place to rest. Create a balance between solids, patterns and texture. I have found that in my experience certain prints and patterns compliment each other better than others.  Do some research. Check out your fabric stores companion fabrics, these fabrics are designed by color pallet and are designed to compliment each other.

Pattern Prints and Color 2

Have fun, take a risk, express yourself by finding the right combination of patterns, prints and color and then incorporating it throughout your home creating a space that reflects you, your personality and life style creating a place called home. 



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  1. Penny at the Comforts of Home says:

    I love how you have mixed checks with prints! I love mixing toiles/stripes/checks together to create a French Country Look.

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