My Happy Place

I don’t know about you but for me there are places in life that just make me happy. They are usually places full of beautiful colors, textures, objects and of course some how incorporate my love for life’s details. I love scouring antique malls, browsing beautiful home furnishing stores and boutiques, taking in the beauty of a colorful garden center filled with plants and flowers. Places that make me giddy on the inside and anxious on the outside to arrive before someone else walks out the door with “my” perfect treasure. Today is a big day! Today I am going to share one of my happy places with you! A place that not only makes me happy but as a big bonus my family loves to go to as well. I am almost already regretting letting you in on my secret for fear that I’ll find everyone there this year! But I’ll share the love…so here it goes….


Osborn Farm. Osborn Farm is located in Loveland, Colorado and has been a Lathrop family tradition for several years now. It’s a gorgeous farm that just screams Family, Fall and Fun! Fun in the old fashioned way. Fun that makes you feel nostalgic about the times when less was more.

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It’s a place to grab your wheel barrel and search for the biggest best pumpkin you can find.

img_3926-2 img_3913-2

It’s a place that delights the senses with gorgeous cinderella pumpkins, glorious gourds, carving pumpkins and my personal favorite the coveted white pumpkin!

img_3938-2 img_3933-2

It’s a place filled with colorful mums, crisp corn stalks, and vibrant sunflowers.


It’s one of my happy places. From the time I arrive (the minute they open) until the time I load up my pumpkins on one of their vintage scales.

img_3941-3 img_3939-2 img_3930-2 It’s the kind of place that when we drive away we begin to recap all the fun that has been had. We also begin to look forward to next year when we get to do it all over again!

img_3929-2This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing the love of a place that brings me joy….


2 thoughts on “My Happy Place”

  1. Kelly, that would be my happy place too! It looks like a wonderful place to celebrate family and fall.

  2. Jackie says:

    I can almost hear the leaves crunching underfoot and smell the aroma of warm apple cider! Thanks for sharing your special place with us!

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