Swinging off the Monkey Bars

Swinging off the monkey bars!

Have you ever had a dream?
Which became a passion?
Then over time evolved into what you felt called to do?
I have…
I’m not talking about a single BIG sign or a revelation all at once but little signs in all areas of my life pointing me in the same direction. God, calling me for something bigger which would allow me the opportunity to use the gifts he has provided to honor him.
The hard part for me was to follow that calling. Making a decision that would change my course was scary! It was like standing at the base of the monkey bars one arm clasped to the first rung deciding to take the leap. The leap from the first rung of the monkey bars, feet dangling, arms swinging, palms sweating and heart racing. Knowing where God was leading but fearing the risk of following.
I stood there at the base of the monkey bars for what felt like a lifetime. I knew what changes needed to be made but questioned and feared making them. Until one day just one more sign appeared tipping me over the edge.

Swinging off the monkey bars!
I knew change would provide me the opportunity to spend more time with my family, more time to serve my church and more time to use my God given talent to bless others while doing what I was passionate about.
I took the leap, feet dangling, palms sweating, heart racing. To my shock and dismay I clasped the next bar with ease. With that movement I felt the weight of my dangling legs lighten and my heart settle. I immediately felt comforted by the Holy Spirit and new without a doubt the decision was right.
This is my next chapter or my next season of life. This is the season for me to spend time focusing more on family, serving and doing what I love! Helping others with the details!
Join me as I face my fears, Share my successes and help to inspire you to go swinging on the monkey bars..



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