For the Love of textiles! Part 1

It’s February!

It’s cold outside!

It’s the month of Love!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am going to share my love of textiles. In a 3 part series, I will provide insight on how to purchase them to freshen up the spaces in your home. For me, textiles include pillows, throws and rugs. These are all easily changeable, can be purchased on a budget, and will lift the look of your home. By changing or incorporating these SMALL DETAILS in your home, you can create BIG IMPACT.

Pillows Ethan Allen


Today we begin with Pillows. I have found there to be a big debate in the design world about pillows. Both designers and home owners definately have an opinion on the topic. We either love to use pillows to soften a space, or fnd them useless, overdone or in some cases spending most of their time on the floor. I believe there is a balance, and pillows used correctly can update a tired sofa, lend to the season, or complete the look of a space. Pillows are offered in an endless variety:from style, texture and price. They are a quick and affordable way to update a space.

Row House Interiors Bedroom Detail


My advice is to keep 2 things in mind when purchasing and placing in your home.

First, purchase pillows with high quality inserts. Nothing is more annoying than having feathers flying everywhere (trust me, I’m there now), and pillows filled with cheap cotton look exactly like a cheap pillow filled with cotton!

Secondly, do not get carried away. I have the tendency to love a design element, and then love it some more and some more. I then reach a point that I need an intervention. I tell myself to put the pillow down and walk away! Quality pillows used properly will update and enhance any room. 

Classic Cottage


Master Bedroom

Take a look around your living spaces. Do you want to incorporate color? Add some softness? Or just freshen up the room? Pillows done right can get the job done!

Join me next time and I’ll throw out some information on why I love to use throws in my home.

Now it’s time for you to chime in! Are pillows a “got to” design element in your home? Comment below!






5 thoughts on “For the Love of textiles! Part 1”

  1. I love pillows too. I found that if I buy quality feather inserts, then I can just buy pillow covers! They are easy to store when you want a different or seasonal look. And buy buying just the covers you can save money!

  2. oops I meant “by” buying not buy lol

  3. Jackie says:

    I love pillows – and I laughed out loud when you wrote that you some time need an intervention! Loving your Blog posts!

  4. Denise Breasbois says:

    Love pillows ❤️ Different ones for the holidays too!
    Good blog!

  5. Dana says:

    Love, love, love pillows, but I am not so great at picking the right ones. Thanks for the help!!

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