Intentional Design Part 3

Hello, welcome back! Today I am wrapping up my 3 part series on Intentional Design. You Can catch up on part 1 and 2 here Intentional Design Part 1 and here Intentional Design Part 2

As mentioned in the previous posts Intentional is my “word” for 2017. I am hoping to apply the concept of being intentional in  all areas of my life. Being intentional requires thought, planning and patience. Whether you are designing a new space or updating and existing one; being intentional with your design choices is critical to the outcome of the design. In part 1 and part 2 I addressed thinking through your design and planning your design. Today let’s talk about patience. Patience is critical in design. Why is patience important? Lack of patience will ultimately result in poor choices and disappointment.

OK, you have done your research, decided on your design style and have planned your space. What’s next?

Next, it is time to put your thoughts and plans into action. If done with intention this will take patience. Rome was not built in a day and your design space shouldn’t be either. It can be frustrating when attempting to pull together the design look you have so carefully planned on “paper”. This is when patience will pay off. If you take your time when completing your look with the details such as…

finding the perfect rug to fit into your entry,

Lehi, House of Turquoise Blog, Featured Article
pulling together a gallery wall,
Stylish Urban Living
 or creating the perfect mix of patterns prints and colors
South Surrey Master Bedroom
Having patience allows you to take the time to pay attention to the details. It allows you time to find the perfect pieces for your space. This may mean scouring the antique mall for the perfect piece of architectural decor or visiting a local boutique in search of a unique piece of artwork.
Don’t have time? Then think about shopping online for the perfect textiles or stepping outside of the box and having something custom made or reupholstered in your favorite fabric.
Through this process you  will be building your home. A home that speaks of who you are and how you live. Anyone can head to a big chain furniture store and pluck the first “set” they see off of the floor. For some that just might be the answer. For me, the homes I find most attractive are those put together over time. Those that have the perfect balance of old and new. I love homes that look lived in and loved. Homes that have been carefully and thoughtfully decorated. This is what patience in design will allow you the opportunity to achieve.
Patience can also eliminate disappointment with your design. There is nothing worse than spending a big chunk of time and a big chunk of money and be left feeling dissatisfied. Take the time to take things home and “try them on”. Obviously some items are easier to do this with than others.
Painting a space? Live with a swatch of the color on your wall for a few days…
Extreme Makeover: Home Design
If your project is a large scale renovation bring home tile samples, flooring samples and other hard finishes and look at them in your space. Building a new home? See if you have the opportunity to visit other finished homes built by the builder. This will allow you to see some of the hard finishes installed.
San Jose Res 2
Some of us have the experience and the ability to pull a design together fairly quickly. Most of us do not. This is when it pays off to hire someone with experience. Keep in mind that some design choices are not as easily undone. Purchasing the wrong throw pillow is a little different that missing the mark on an exterior paint color.  Patience pays off.
wrapping up…Intentional is defined as done on purpose; deliberate. Being intentional requires thought, planning and patience. When you are intentional with design the final product will feel deliberate producing a beautiful and functional space.
I hope this 3 part series has provided you with some helpful information that can be used when designing your next space or tackling on your next project.
I’d love to hear from you! What big design flop or failure have you experienced because of lack of patience? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Intentional Design Part 3”

  1. Nancy Snyder says:

    I have really enjoyed this series. A lot of great ideas and a plan to help implement them. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great series Kelly. I am trying to be patient right now, waiting for our house to start being built….still waiting on the county for the septic permit. That is suppose to happen Feb 7th.

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