Intentional Design Part 1

Intentional. This is my word for 2017. A word that I would like to apply to all areas of my life.

Intentional; in·ten·tion·al /inˈten(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l/  adjective      1. done on purpose; deliberate.

Isn’t that a great word! I think that if I could apply that word to my daily life I would be a Rock Star! In all areas! Super Mom, Super Wife,  Super Designer, and a  Super Servant to our Lord. Just think about it. When one is  being intentional about something it requires thought. It requires planning.  It requires patience.

Today I’m going to touch on the first of those 3 areas with relation to design. With posts to follow covering planning and patience.  My business is about the love of the details of interior design and event planning. Helping others create purpose in their spaces or with their event. This requires thought, planning and patience. When you are intentional with design the final product will feel deliberate producing a beautiful and functional space.  So let’s dive into the first of the  3 keys to being intentional:

Thought- When tackling a new design project the first step seems that it would be an easy one. The truth is for some that  “thinking” about a project can quickly become overwhelming. So overwhelming that the design of the space stops right in its tracks. The design choices are vast and style choices endless. We are flooded with ideas, styles, blogs, photos throughout the internet and social media. I know because I love to pour over all of them collecting those ideas along the way! Storing them up for future use on a project. Do any of these styles speak to you? What is your go to style?

The simplicity of Mid Modern Century

Mid-Century Mod House


The aged look of Industrial Farmhouse

French Bistro Kitchen

The flair of French inspired designs

Elegant French Inspired Remodel & Addition

The Eclectic home that combines a variety of styles

New French Country

Still unsure of your style? The simplest way to determine your style is to go with what you love. Pay attention to what particular design, photo or blog you find yourself being pulled toward over and over again? Are you on Pinterest? What images do you find yourself consistently  “pinning” to your personal boards? Maybe you can choose by eliminating the styles you do not care for.

Next, consider whether or not the style you choose is conducive to your daily life. Are you styling a home with young children or building a nest for retirement? Possibly you are somewhere in between. Your current life style should play some importance on the style you decide on.

Finally, think about budget. I know. Yuck. Unfortunately for most budget will dictate how we proceed when styling a space. Ask yourself if the changes you plan to make in one area will affect the rest of your living spaces. Design in any space can be a slippery slope; just be sure you are prepared to slide! This is where investing in a designer can keep your project cost effective. I enjoy helping clients use their budgets to produce the most bang for their buck and prevent them from opening a can of worms that was not budgeted for.

I’d love to hear from you! What is your favorite design style? What projects do you have in store for 2017? What is your biggest weakness when it comes to design?

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10 thoughts on “Intentional Design Part 1”

  1. Great post Kelly! My design style is French Country, with a little rustic mountain style thrown in. My big project for 2017 is building and decorating a brand new house!

  2. Jackie says:

    Love your “word.” Hmmm… I also liked every style and picture described in this blog post. Which helps explain why designing my new kitchen has been such a challenge! Thanks for the great information and food for thought.

  3. Nancy Snyder says:

    My style is Shabby Eclectic, I have a problem with intentions, they are always “good”. I really enjoy your blog and it always gives me food for thought.

  4. Karina says:

    Great post Kelly! Especially love the “yuck” comment regarding budget. Great choice of pics to represent styles. I always think of myself as modern but that “Old Farmhouse” is appealing to me more each day. As always, thanks for another great insight!

  5. Kimberli Voelker says:

    I too get overwhelmed when tackling a new decorating project. Many times I get so caught up in the thought process that I “over think” the details and get stuck there! Thank you for your great advice!

  6. Claudia Lewis says:

    After many years and a few houses, we are now close to retirement. I had never applied the word “intentional” to design terms. But the next time around, I’ll be applying your ‘new word!’ Great article, Kelly! Looking forward to your next segment! God Bless!

  7. Cma says:

    I can totally relate to the design process becoming so overwhelming that it stops in its tracks. My style, yard Sale! I just pick what I like and it doesn’t necessarily look good. This is where your eye would help me out. Even if it was as simple as arranging what I already own.
    Looking forward to part 2.

  8. Grace Lathrop says:

    Loved your thoughts and suggestions for creating “intentional design” Looking forward to your next ideas as I am planing on redoing my office / den

  9. Stacy says:

    Funny – “Intentional” has been my word for about 3 years. I’ve always thought of it in regards to raising my kids, not for my house. When I got back from Colorado at Christmas I went through a bit of mourning. I was really sad about my house and where I lived….because it wasn’t in CO. But I know this is where God wants us so He convicted me very gently to love on my house. To look at it as a gift and tonuse it as a blessing to others. My house is full of furniture from my CO house and I don’t feel it “fits” in this house. I’m not good at looking at something and having ideas of how to make it work. From the images above I loved the farmhouse and the eclectic mix. I don’t need to be matchy-matchy. There is beauty in variety. I love a comfortable home that is fumctional and welcoming. One of our big goals this year is to invest in our house. To make it make sense. Windows first. Screened in porch next. Then the daunting rest of the house. But I will start looking at my house differently and really be thoughtful about theme and design. Ok- this has turned into a blogpost by itself! Ha!

  10. Ellen says:

    Great article Kelly!! I’ve made so many decorating “mistakes” because I have not been INTENTIONAL! I have the temdacy to buy what I like, which is probably sometimes ok, but I’d definitely save myself a lot of time and money if I was intentional about where to put it!! Thanks Kelly! You do an amazing job!

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